Company Profile

1957 Showa32 Established GENDAI Co,Ltd., a company to sell pharmaceutical products for animals, with 4,000,000 yen in capital in Nakano-ku, Tokyo.
1968 Showa42 Established a manufacturing factory of pharmaceutical products for animals in Nishi Tokyo City, Tokyo. Relocated the headquarters to the same location. Changed the company name to GENDAI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
1983 Showa58 Relocated the headquarters and the factory to Mizuho-machi. Established the production system complying with GMP.
1984 Showa59 Increased the capital to 9.6 million yen.
1986 Showa61 Increased the capital to 13.1 million yen.
1987 Showa62 Started the sales of “Biscal.”
1991 Heisei03 Opened Osaka Sales Office.
1996 Heisei08 Increased the capital to 20 million yen.
2004 Heisei16 The total number of “Biscal” sold exceeded 20 million units.